OPLUG - Oslo Pils and Linux User Group, Stats for December 2002


Below are a few statistics from the access log of the oplug.org website. Looking at web server logs always leaves me with more questions then answers. This time the 5 biggest ones are (in no particular order): Who linked to us from a server named bofh (no domain, just a host name)? Who uses a Linux release called 2.4.20-rachel, why, and where can I get it? On what platform does Opera use the string "Opera/6.11 (UNIX; U) [en]" in the useragent header? A beer on me to the first one to answer all 5 correctly.

Web summary:

Total Hits: 2560
Unique IP Addresses: 86
Unique Referers: 3

Hits by browser:

Moz: 1804
Opera: 542
IE: 130
Unknown: 52
Konq: 32

Hits by platform:

Linux: 2210
Unknown: 163
Windows: 150
Macintosh: 35
QNX: 2